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Hike Week – Explore Ashdown Gorge

Movara’s hiking guides have scouted a wonderful new hike to Ashdown Gorge for our Hike Week in September. Located in the beautiful Cedar Mountain area, you can expect cooler temperatures and stunning alpine landscapes.

During the hike, you’ll drop down into a gorgeous creek then follow the stream for about 4.5 miles into a subway-type canyon. There will be lots of shallow water (mostly ankle deep) and rocks of every size – everywhere! You’ll be surrounded by beautiful 1000-foot walls of limestone rock and sandstone and see Flanigan Arch.

We’ll expect to cross a few logs across the stream, as well as see two waterfalls and two monoliths. Bear Grylls did an episode here with James Marsden of X Men – so why not you? There’s not a lot of elevation (climbing) during the hike, but there’ll be rocky and wet terrain. It will be gorgeous!

Hike distance: About 9 miles (4.5 miles out and back)
Elevation: 6600 -7000 feet

Items you’ll needed to pack:

  • A long sleeve layer
  • Good hiking shoes, (not a great sandal hike)
  • 2 walking poles (bring our own if you have them)