Am I my own best friend or worst enemy?

While creating and maintaining a health and wellness lifestyle, we also need to be building ourselves through emotional and mental “exercises.” We can be our own worst enemy or our own best friend, coach, and cheerleader in life

Throughout the day each of us chitter-chatter and comment to ourselves inside of our head. We may spend time talking to ourselves in a way that we would NEVER talk to someone else…criticizing, negative, and sometimes even demeaning. Negative chatter inside our heads may sound like: “I can’t do this. I’m going to fail anyways, so why try? I’m a failure.”

This negative self-talk grinds us down emotionally and mentally. It affects the way we feel and how we perceive ourselves. Continuing the negative self-talk/chatter also affects our physical body and motivation for our health and wellness lifestyle.

We can be our own best friend, cheerleader, and coach through positive self-talk/chatter. It is important to repeat things that are positive, believable, and true. We can repeat comments to ourselves such as: “I am learning and growing. I am working towards my goals of fitness and wellness. I can do this. I have friends/support that care about me and will help me. I am taking one day at a time. I did my best for today. I am going to give 100% in this fitness activity for 3 more minutes. My successes for today are…. ”

A health and wellness lifestyle includes physical, mental, and emotional health; Are you your own best friend or worst enemy?