This is the number one question I get from guests at the spa: “So…what about alcohol?“. I am assuming you want to know the calories so I will give you that and then my recommendations.
As far as calories go, here is the break down:
Wine: 4 oz = 100 calories
Beer: 12 oz = 150 calories
Liquor: 1 1/2 oz = 100 calories
Red wine would be the best choice since you will be getting additional antioxidants that may help with circulation and general heart health. The benefits end at 1-2 glasses a day (1 for women, 2 for men) and anything more will do more harm then good. You really shouldn’t save that all up for one night either, that can have long term adverse effects on the heart and liver.
Alcohol consumption has not been linked to obesity, which is noteworthy. It has however been linked to breast cancer and even one drink per day may increase cancer risk. Those of you with a family history of breast cancer would want to take note of that and weigh it with other lifestyle factors.
Ultimately, for the general population, one alcoholic beverage per day will not hurt, and in some respects, may help. The problem would be when the second question guests ask is, “What about the whole bottle?” 🙂
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD