Adult Picky Eaters

During individual nutrition consultations, guests often admit to being afraid of food. There are different reasons for this, but one in particular stands out to me. A lot of these guests are what we would call “picky eaters“. They have a limited amount of foods that they like and usually describe their dislike for certain foods as texture issues.

With this admittance usually comes tears. It is hard for these guests to feel like they will be able to eat healthy, balanced meals with their limited options. They have a hard time eating the meals at the spa. But more importantly they struggle at home with social functions involving food.
I usually like to let them know that they aren’t alone, that many other guests feel this same way. A common thread is being forced to eat certain foods when they were children, and not being able to get past that memory as an adult.
I do think that often (but not always) there is a deeper issue that is manifesting itself as “picky eating”. I often refer these guests to Jen or Krista but try to give them ideas on how to try new foods in a safe, approachable way.
I did come across an article that I thought might be helpful in discussing an action plan for these guests:
I think a multi-disciplinary team is crucial for this. Working long term with a therapist and a dietitian would be the best approach. But the individual needs to be ready and willing to try. I especially feel that if these individuals have kids, they need be able to model healthy behaviors and provide balanced meals for their family to enjoy.
No one needs to like ALL foods. But if these fears are getting in the way of your health or social life, then it might need to be addressed.
What do you think? I would love to hear any comments on this!
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD