A Trip to the Movie Theater

 Recently I payed a visit to the movie theater and decided to analyze the food and drink options available once inside. What I uncovered was not a pretty sight…the innocent looking ‘snacks’ of popcorn, candy and soda can add up to way more than your whole days worth of calories, sodium, sugar and fats!! Here are the numbers thanks to the Center for Science in the Public Interest…

Regal Cinema small size popcorn with butter – 800 calories, 550 mg sodium, 36 grams saturated fat
Regal Cinema medium/large size popcorn with butter – 1400 calories, 980 mg sodium, 63 grams saturated fat
AMC large size popcorn with butter – 1270 calories, 580 mg sodium, 61 grams saturated fat
Cinemark medium size popcorn with butter – 960 calories, 1240 mg sodium, 17 grams saturated fat
Cinemark large size popcorn with butter – 1170 calories, 1500 mg sodium, 22 grams saturated fat

AMC small size soda – 200 calories, 13 teaspoons sugar
Regal Cinema small size soda – 300 calories, 19 teaspoons sugar
Regal Cinema medium size soda – 400 calories, 26 teaspoons sugar
Regal Cinema large size soda – 500 calories, 33 teaspoons sugar

4.8 oz. extra large junior mints – 570 calories, 107 grams sugar, 8 grams saturated fat
3.5 oz. butterfinger minis – 450 calories, 45 grams sugar, 10 grams saturated fat
5.3 oz peanut m & m’s – 790 calories, 79 grams sugar, 16 grams saturated fat
8 oz. reese’s pieces – 1160 calories, 122 grams sugar, 35 grams saturated fat

My suggestion for a trip to the movies is to definitely pack your own snacks! Some of my favorite movie snacks are sliced apples with cinnamon, cherries, air-popped popcorn, mini carrots, persian cucumbers, sugar snap peas and jicama slices. Remember, when you go to watch a movie your main focus is on the big screen, so it is very easy to not pay attention to how many calories you are eating. Hence the importance of bringing your own snack packs like the ones listed above, which even when consumed in large numbers will not overload you with excess calories, sugar, sodium and fat!