A Blog Entry Shared by Movara Guest Gayle Elias

Movara guest Gayle Elias just recently completed a one-week visit  During her stay she wrote a blog each night to share  her experiences with her family and friends back home.  Gayle wrote to us to share her final blog entry and, with her permission, we are happy to let you in on how one-week impacted Gayle’s life.






From: Gayle Elias
Date: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Please share this with all the Outstanding staff at Malibu
To: Biggest Loser Resort
Now that I completed one week at  Fitness Ridge, the big question everyone asks is, “How much did you lose?”  So I’ll tell you.
I lost my self-doubt. I lost the fear of people judging me while I exercise.  I lost the feeling of being out of control.  I lost the nagging doubt that maybeI’m not as capable as others. I lost the worry of going some place completely alone and not having any friends to surround me.  I lost thefear of failing.  I lost the feeling that I’m the only one going throughthis.  But I also gained too.  I gained knowledge that will help my family live healthy lives.  I gained the power to push way past the limits I had normally set for myself.  I gained strength, both physically andmentally.  I gained confidence in myself.  I gained new ideas for cooking options. I gained the understanding that the aches and pains won’tkill me but they’ll make me stronger instead.  I gained tools to help melive a more fulfilled healthy life.
Gayle and her husband at BLR Utah
Oh yeah, I also lost 7pounds and 7 inches combined from my chest, hips, and waist.  So whenpeople ask me if I lost, I can say that I sure did!
Gayle Elias


Gayle and BL Season 12 Ramon Medeiros


Gayle has shared some amazing insight.  The Fitness Ridge program is not singularly about weight loss.  It’s about changing your mental state, building your self confidence, conquering your fears,  and believing in yourself and your self worth.  Hearing what Gayle has GAINED is success that we hope all our guests can achieve.
We thank you Gayle for sharing with us.  We are so happy for all your accomplishments and wish you continued success!
Cheers to health in life,