7 Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions

resolutionsHere at Movara we don’t typically like New Year’s Resolutions. A date on the calendar isn’t going to make you ready to change. Often, resolutions are unrealistic and people tend to have an all-or-nothing attitude. Once they fail to meet their lofty goals, they revert back to old unhealthy behaviors.

Having said that, if you are one of the 70% of Americans that vow to lose weight and eat healthier come January 1st, here are some Movara tips to help you keep that resolution:

1.  Remember that 21 days makes a habit. The novelty will wear off about the third day making it hard to stick with your resolution. But by the 10th day (or so) you will find it much easier, mostly because you are in the process of creating a new habit or routine. Commit to doing it day in and day out. Recommit each morning to living a healthier lifestyle just today. Worry about tomorrow when it comes. Don’t give up on promises you make for yourself. 

2.  DIETS DON’T WORK! You may lose weight but you won’t keep it off because you won’t know how to handle all the foods you said “no” to for so long. And those foods you said “no” to can lead into preoccupations with food, feelings of deprivation, which can lead to binge eating and gaining the weight back. There is no need to give up carbs, eat only cabbage soup or forget about ice cream (in fact, you need carbs to fuel your brain, muscles and cells and they will help you in feeling physiologically and psychologically fed). Instead of telling yourself what you CAN’T eat, tell yourself what you CAN. Instead of, “I won’t eat anymore candy”, say “I will choose to eat more fruit”. By focusing on what you CAN do, your attitude will change and these lifestyle changes won’t seem like a chore. Also, by focusing on what you will eat, you will naturally replace less healthy options with healthier ones.

3.  Fit your goals to fit your ‘healthy’ lifestyle. If you travel a lot, it might not be realistic to say you won’t eat out anymore. If you like ice cream, you probably won’t give it up. Be sure to take your lifestyle into account when making your goals. Forget fad diets and work on living a healthier lifestyle. The healthy changes you’re making aren’t just for the first three weeks of the year, they’re for life! So don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. It will backfire every time. Just learn what daily changes will fit into your new healthy lifestyle and do the best that you can given the situation you’re in

4.  Make concrete goals. Wanting to “eat healthier” is a little vague. On the other hand, making sure you eat a fruit or a vegetable at every meal is more measurable. Wanting to “cook more at home” could be replaced with, “will plan meals for the week, put together a grocery list and shop on Saturdays”. Be specific when creating your resolutions to achieve your goals! 

5.  Make small achievable goals. You may want to run a marathon eventually, but a 5K might be a better place to start. Make realistic goals that will be achievable in the short term. This will allow you to see results quickly and will keep you committed to long term goals. Take it one day at a time, a few changes at a time. Small changes can make a BIG difference! 

6.  Write them down. If they are just in your head, they probably won’t happen. Write down your goals and make a clear plan of how you will accomplish them.

7.  Forget the all-or-nothing attitude. Often we aim for perfection and when we fail, we jump ship. 90% of the time strive to eat healthy and save the other 10% for those less healthy options that you can still have! Don’t beat yourself up if you overdue it and throw in the towel. Just get right back into your healthy eating and bounce back into your routine. And remember this, “Giving up on your goal because of ONE setback is like slashing your other tires because you got a flat!” (Translation: It’s silly! Don’t do that. Move on and keep going.) 

If you’re making a New Years Resolution we hope you find these tips helpful. Any why wait until January 1st? Start today! 

Amanda Fitz