52 Peaks

Have you ever met someone and felt so inspired by them? I bet most of you would answer ‘yes’, especially if you have ever been to the resort. All of our guests are inspiring. Every single one has an amazing story to tell that will open your eyes and motivate you personally. TJ Jerome and Tami Luckie have a story that fits this category perfectly.

We as a staff at Movara have known TJ and Tami for some time now. Tami actually began her wellness journey here a few years ago. Just like all of our guests, Tami is very dear to our hearts and she always works hard. Despite any challenge, Tami was also very positive and she is always up for a challenge.

When we heard that she and TJ set out to climb 52 Peaks across the world in just 52 weeks, we weren’t one bit surprised, but again very inspired by her determination and spirit. For that reason, we want to invite you to read her full story on their website at www.52peaks.com and follow their amazing journey as they will be reaching all of the far corners of the world to accomplish their goal.

Both TJ and Tami have a true passion for hiking and exploring. We couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their journey and to also be a part of this huge endeavor!

Join us by following their adventure as they begin training this month, and then officially begin this June. Also stay tuned on Social Media!