5 Workouts to do Before the End of Summer!

fitness-ridge-pool-workout5 Workouts to do Before the End of Summer:

Don’t let the sun set on summer just yet! There’s still plenty of time to catch the last of the summer rays and work in some activities to relish in the rest of the season’s days. Take advantage of those long sunny days to get motivated and inspired by incorporating these workouts into your schedule!


Not only is this a fantastic workout, but it’s loads of fun! You get to hang out in the sun, play a fun, competitive game with your buddies and be working out the whole time. It may not feel like a work out while you’re playing, but rest assured the next day, when you least expect it you’ll raise an arm and realize, “Wow! My arms are sore!” But it will have all been worth it. Volleyball is perfect for cardio and is a killer arm workout. If you don’t have any beach courts near you, grass courts are just as good. NO EXCUSES!


When people think of hiking they usually think of long, tiring journeys on an incline of dirt, mud and rocks. To tell you the truth, hiking is an amazing natural motivator. There are several inspiring scenic routes all over the country, and a variety of incline/decline levels and distances. The higher and further you go, the more accomplished you will feel. It’s the perfect stress reliever and a great way to get some peace and quiet with a side of “me time” to experience some of nature’s most beautiful and inspirational views.


Not all of us are lucky enough to have those luxurious indoor pools. A summer would not be complete without at least one trip to the neighborhood pool (or hotel/resort pool if you are traveling.) The beauty of swimming is that your body becomes virtually weightless underwater and a lot of the exercises seem to be easier. The water acts as a weight, making you push harder to complete each exercise. This can give you a powerful workout. On the other hand, traditional laps around the pool is another way to get your cardio in and get a great workout out of the deal. Win-Win!


 Yet another way of incorporating cardio, fun and hanging with your buddies into your summer activity log. There’s nothing like forcing that fuzzy green ball to the ground of your opponent’s court! There’s a good chance you’ll feel it in the arms the next day and even abs depending on your swing. Public courts are usually pretty easy to find and you can play until your heart’s content.


A great way to get out, absorb some scenery and work out those legs is to start pedaling. It can also be a custom workout. You decide the intensity (given your bike has the options), you choose the bike path and the distance. This is also a nice way of getting to know what’s around you. The exploration might even lead you to the discovery of a new place you’d like to check out.