Meet Our Trainers

Aug 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Our friendly and knowledgeable trainers are definitely a key ingredient in the secret sauce that makes Movara such an effective fitness resort. How well do you know them? Check out their bios and learn a bit more about the person who keeps telling you to “move faster” and “push harder!”


Jared Jones

Fitness Manager

Jared’s background is in education and exercise science, with a Master’s degree in Human Movement, with an emphasis in movement quality, correcting muscle imbalances, and personal and group exercise training; a background tailor-made for Movara!

Sharon Read

Program Manager

A certified personal trainer and part of Movara since almost the very beginning, Sharon has come to know exactly how to push people in the most compassionate way, and is dedicated to making exercise fun! ”What can you do in 30 seconds!!?” – Sharon

Ronda Birch

Health and Fitness Coach

Ronda understands how stretch can help you recover when you’ve been really working those muscles. She also teaches the essential oils class, but when she’s off the clock, Ronda is with her family, cooking, or relaxing on the nearest beach.

Tamee Valenzuela

Health and Fitness Coach

Tamee is a lifelong dancer who started teaching at age 16. With an education degree (minor in Dance), Tamee is perfect for Movara! She is thrilled to be a part of the joy that comes through exercise, because that joy has a ripple effect, touching everyone else in your life.
ronda (2)

Clara Call

Health and Fitness Coach

Clara went to college on a soccer scholarship, and was a powerlifter and firefighter in her 20s. With a degree in biomechanics and certifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness and more — Clara is the right person to help you move better and feel better about yourself.

Deshka Olson

Health and Fitness Coach

Deshka was a collegiate basketball player from Dixie State who became a spin instructor before opening her own indoor cycling studio, The Loop. She loves using what she’s learned to help people grow and change, and is happiest when she’s learning new things. A true adrenaline junkie, she’ll get your blood pumping, too!