2010 Weight Loss Trends

Happy New Year!

As we bring in the New Year, I would like to reflect on some of the weight loss trends of 2010. I came across this article that touches on a few of our favorite trends and whether or not they are a keeper or one we should shrug off like it was so last year! (click the link for the article). It touches on these five: the HCG diet, P90X, the Shake Weight, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and high anti-oxidant drinks and supplements.

While fads come and go and most are either not sustainable, helpful, or safe, there are a few that I think deserve to stick around long term. My two favorite trends on this list are P90X and HIIT. I have actually bought into all of the Beachbody DVD series including P90X, Insanity and RevAbs. I will admit, I don’t follow the program daily like suggested (either a 60 or 90 day commitment), but I use these DVDs randomly to add variety to my workouts that already include running, biking, the elliptical, yoga and weight training.
A few others I would include are:
Zumba – making workouts fun by dancing away calories
Tabata training (click for more details) – a form of HIIT
Wii Fit – Who knew video games could make us fit? I’m thinking this was 2010, but time flies so fast it may have started in 2009!
Bike/Walk to Work – Going green, saving money, and getting fit. Unfortunately this may not be possible where you live and work. And for those of you who bought the Sketchers or Reebok shoes claiming to tighten your buns and thighs, we have yet to see any fitness transformations due to these “super shoes”.
Weight Watchers’ new PointsPlus – fruits and veggies are now both “free foods”!
Probiotics – These help replenish healthy bacteria in your gut, which improves digestion. They also help break down foods you eat, reduce bloating, maintain regularity, and help boost your immune system.
Fiber – Adding fiber to your diet slows down digestion leaving you feeling full longer, therefore minimizing the amount of calories consumed overall. Fiber also helps stabilize blood sugar which leads to fewer hunger pangs and carb cravings.

Now, I wouldn’t be a Dietitian unless I did mention that you can work out and burn several calories, but if you aren’t following a sensible diet, you may negate all of your hard work and hinder weight loss. I always stress in lecture, it is much easier to eat 500 calories which takes no time at all vs. the time and effort it takes to burn those same 500 calories doing physical activity. Most success is seen with a combination of working out and eating right.
Make it your resolution for 2011 to be your healthiest and happiest year yet!
Share with us your New Year’s Resolution 🙂
Krista Haynes, R.D.