20 Steps to Eating Healthier

Although I think there are better outlets for nutritional information, I did find this article on self.com to be a good one. I like that it is straightforward and I agree with all their recommendations. It is also very entertaining!

A few of the recommendations that I like are
  • If you can’t grow it, don’t eat it. We are eating from packages way too much and the level of processing that goes into these products results in something that I don’t even know that we should call “food”. It is more like stuff. Make sure the ingredient list is very small, or better yet, no ingredient list at all!
  • You can always have more. I think most people treat every meal as though it is their last. In reality, we live in America where food is EVERYWHERE! There will always be another opportunity to eat, so you don’t need to eat it all right now.
  • Make sure you can ID the animal. What exactly is in that nugget your eating? When meat has been processed into strips or chunks or links, what is actually in it? Try to keep it straight from the butcher.
  • Fuel up in the morning not at night. You know I had to include that one! Why do we eat the majority of our calories right before bed? We need those calories to fuel us during the day. Aim for a bigger breakfast and lunch and a smaller dinner and I promise you will notice a difference in satisfaction and energy levels.
  • Your hips are not a fridge. I love this one. We don’t need to clean our plates. Put the rest in the fridge to save for the next meal. Often guests wonder what to take for lunch the next day. Leftovers are so easy to grab, as long as they are in the fridge.
What did you think of this article? What tips are easy for you? Which ones are harder?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD