Mfit Program at Movara Fitness ResortMfit Program At Movara Fitness Resort

Movara just recently launched a new one-day program called Mfit, which is offered on Saturdays. It
essentially gives you a taste of everything that the one-week structured program has to offer. The day
kicks off with a delicious healthy breakfast, then a beautiful hike in the
red rocks of Southern Utah.

Once you get back to the resort, you will enjoy a nutritious gourmet lunch, followed by additional fitness classes and a lecture. This program is for every one of every age and fitness level and a perfect way to spend the day with friends, a spouse or a family member and, for all the caregivers out there, for a change, have someone take care of you.On that note, so many people are understandably looking for a physical, mental and emotional reset,and that is exactly what the program offers. One day. Every Saturday. Change your life with Mfit.

Mfit Program - Movara Fitness Resort
Mfit Program - Movara Fitness Resort
Mfit Program - Movara Fitness Resort
MFIT Program at Movara Fitness Resort and Weight Loss Clinic

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Book your stay during the month of September and save 10% per week! Enjoy invigorating hikes, fitness classes, special lectures and additional team-building activities that will help you feeling fit just in time for the fall!

Please check your email for details. If you have questions, please call us at (888) 870-2639.